Sal's Pizza is the quintessential corner pizzeria.  


Sal's Pizza and Italian Eatery opened in August of 2004.  Since then, Sal has been serving classic italian-american style comfort food.  

The restaurant is located in a classic Santa Barbara building on the corner of Milpas and Canon Perdido.  This is as real as Santa Barbara gets.  During the day, the working neighborhood bustles with activity and levity.  The night mood is edgy and urban.

Sal's Pizza and Italian Eatery opened its doors in August of 2004.  

Since then, Sal's Pizza has gained notoriety, being mentioned in the Santa Barbara Independent. Sal's  is well known throughout the Eastside of Santa Barbara where Sal has been serving classic Italian-American style comfort food since 2004.  12 years strong...and he hopes to continue for as long as he can!  

Sal is a very present owner, he puts all his time and energy into his restaurant. 

Sal personally welcomes you to his restaurant for a great meal.  



Sal’s Pizza & Italian Eatery


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Sal Esquivel

900 N. Milpas Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Tel: 805/568-0222




Sal is happy to celebrate his 10th year in business on Santa Barbara’s Eastside where he serves his signature thin crust pizza, a favorite of locals and visitors alike.  The small, unassuming pizza shop opened its doors on August 7, 2004.  Celebrating a 10-year anniversary on the Santa Barbara restaurant scene is no small feat, especially with the ups and downs of the local and national economy over the last few years. 


Sal credits customer loyalty, great food and excellent service as keys to thriving in such difficult times.  The menu at Sal’s Pizza is a commanding selection of classic Italian-American style comfort food:  Pizza, Pasta, Salads, Sandwiches and an array of appetizers.  All items can be ordered for dine-in, delivery or take out.  


Sal is a neighborhood fixture who is seen tending to his business daily, and has been featured in publications such as the Independent, the Santa Barbara Scene, and in the March, 2012 national publication of Pizza Today for Sal’s housemade Alfredo Sauce.  Additionally, customers come to Sal’s to enjoy the housemade pizza dough, sauces (marinara, Bolognese, pesto, and Alfredo), and a variety salad dressings, including the Caesar.  It all comes together for a memorable dining experience. 


“The past 10 years have been a dream come true,” says Sal.  “I have seen generations of students from Santa Barbara High School graduate and enter college, and I have seen the neighborhood grow and become a destination for all Santa Barbara residents.  Times have been tough occasionally, and many people didn’t think I would make it past my first year.  But we never doubted it, never gave up, and did all the hard work needed.  I thank God, my family and my staff for that.  I’m one lucky guy.”     


Sal's is the quintessential corner pizzeria where the winning recipe has been fresh ingredients, care of preparation and customer delight.  


The restaurant is open Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 9:30 pm and Saturday and Sunday 1:00 pm to 9:30 pm. 


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